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Eat More Fish!

Eat More Fish!

We at Catfish Station love to fish, and many others feel the same way. People
across the world enjoy fish of all shapes and sizes and in so many different ways – fried,
grilled, steamed, dipped in butter, mixed in soup; the possibilities are endless.
In addition to tasting so good, fish contains an enormous amount of health
benefits, providing us with a boost of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and a plethora
of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins D and B2 as well as iron, zinc, magnesium
and potassium. Some people opt for taking fish oil supplements, but, in our opinion,
eating the fish is more fun.
Fish is an important part of many cultural and religious traditions. Ancient
Hawaiians, for example, built their entire culture around fishing (using nets, spears,
traps and diving skills). It was a staple in their diet, with fishermen who were particularly
skilled being recognized as high-value assets within the community. Like other Native
Americans, the Hawaiians practiced a physical and spiritual connection with their
environment, and many references to fish and fishing can be found in their prayers,
proverbs, and folktales.
People of the Pacific Northwest share a similar deep-rooted connection to fish. In
particular, their cultural identity heavily revolves around salmon. This fish is the subject
of community celebrations and present in many of their religious services.
Many Catholics and Orthodox Christians, during the weeks between Ash
Wednesday and Easter, have a tradition of avoiding meat on Fridays, many times opting
for a nice plate of fish instead.
Feast of the Seven Fishes – already sounds like a winner – is a pretty common
tradition among Italian Americans as a part of their Christmas Eve celebration.
Originating in Southern Italy, where it is called “La Vigilia” or The Vigil, this grand feast is
meant to celebrate the midnight birth of baby Jesus.
It’s wonderful to see how fish plays such a key role in so many people’s lives and
how it can bring cultures and families together. Not to mention all of those amazing
health benefits we can’t forget about. Fish is definitely a winner in our book. So, no
matter how you take it, let’s get into the spirit and Eat More Fish!

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