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Our Fish

We are proud to offer you a choice of two delicious types of fish: our “House” option and the “Traditional” option. Catfish Station’s “House” fish is imported premium swai, while our “Traditional” offering is U.S. farm-raised catfish. Thanks to the high quality of our fish, combined with our great homemade batter seasoned to perfection, customers continue to rave about our savory offerings each time they visit a Catfish Station location.

Swai is a type of fish from the catfish family that has quickly become one of the best-selling and most popular types of fish in the United States. Swai is native to freshwater environments in Southeast Asia, and has a light, flaky texture enjoyed by consumers around the world every day. The names “catfish” and “swai” are used to distinguish the two types of fish commercially, however, the both are technically part of the catfish family.

Imported, fresh & high quality

Delicately handled with A+ grade

Homemade & Handmade Batter