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Our Fish

Catfish Station’s “House” product is an imported fish from the catfish family that is native to freshwater environments in Southeast Asia. Its light, flaky texture enjoyed combined with a cleaner less fishy taste has made this fish the 6th most consumed seafood product in the United States. Thanks to the high quality of our fish, combined with our great homemade batter seasoned to perfection, customers continue to rave about our savory offerings each time they visit a Catfish Station location.

Over the years people have always asked, “what kind of batter do you use?”
Catfish Station uses flour combined with an ultra-fine corn meal product which gives our batter a light, crispy texture without the oily residue. Over the years we have developed an original blend of spices and seasonings adding a flavor that is unique to our brand. Our batter coupled with our strict oil filtering policy is what produces some damn good fried seafood!
Tartar Sauce (The Original)
Affectionately called OWWW-WEEE sauce, our “doctored up” version of traditional tartar sauce features a slightly sweet flavor profile with a little bit of a spicy finish. Developed in 2004, and unchanged since, this customer favorite has been part of who we are for 14 years and counting!
Creole Remoulade (rey-muh-lahd)
This mustard- and mayonnaise-based sauce was invented in France. Our not-so-French version is a blend of 14 ingredients including fresh dill, garlic, and Cajun seasonings, creating a light, crisp flavor that tastes good on just about anything on the menu.
Homemade Cocktail Sauce
The fresh lemon juice and Bloody Mary mix make our homemade cocktail sauce a must-have for many shrimp lovers. The fresh horseradish also gives it the perfect punch of flavor. This sauce is one of the founder’s favorites.

Fresh & High Quality

Delicately Handled with A+ Grade

Homemade & Handmade Batter